Slat & Mat Washers

The Easy Clean 600T poultry equipment cleaning system is
the quick and easy way to wash slats and mats. With two operators
an incredible 400 mats can be washed per hour and with a simple one
man operation, 180+ slats can be washed in the same timeframe!

Working Pressure - From 2000 - 3000Psi
Water Usage - 24 – 36 Lt Per Min
600MM Slat Output - 186Mt Per Hour
No. of Operators - 1
Electrical power - Self-contained 12V/24 Or External Supply
Horsepower Requirement - 30Hp Minimum
Gross Weight - 970 Kgs
In addition to this the Ecosystems 600T can also wash flat slat bars
at a rate of 1 typical breeder house of bars in 20 mins, but to achieve
this rate 2 operators are required. Nest mats also require 2 operators
who can achieve up to 480 mats per house for enriched cages.
For an 8000 bird free-ranges, barn and breeder unit 1 to 1.5 hours
Film-faced plyboard 186mt per hour Nest box trays (Jansen) – 150 per
hour Can also be used to wash nest box lids and egg belt covers.

The Easyclean 600T is available in the following variants:

Free standing unit which requires an external pump and power
supply and can also be made road legal for ease of transport.
Tractor mounted, self-contained unit
Mobile, road-legal, tractor-driven, self-contained unit
Mobile, road-legal, engine-driven, self-contained unit

Eco-Systems Easyclean 600T multi purpose washer, used for cleaning plastic slats, nest mats, slat bars, lids, trays and other equipment
used on most modern poultry units.
Available to hire and also for sale, Hire and sales agents required in mainland UK and throughout the world.
specialist equipment for the food processing
and poultry industry
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